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About my animal art paintings...


Commission me

Below is a selection of my latest animal art paintings. If you are interested in commissioning me to paint an animal, please contact me at my London studio. I am happy to work on a variety of subject matter, it doesn’t have to be just cats and dogs. If you take a look at my Published work, you will see I have worked on a multitude of subjects from Nativity themes to Seaside towns. I can also work on different substrates, from paper or canvas to even wood block. The choice is yours. If you live in and around the Greater London area i would be happy to travel to meet your beloved pet. This helps me to build up a picture of the animal and understand his or her personality too. Don’t worry if you live afar, i am more than happy to work from good quality photographs. I am also happy to ship Animal Art overseas. The cost of shipping will be added to the cost of artwork during the pricing stage. Feel free to contact me for more information.