Elephant Paintings

About my elephant paintings...

Elephant Paintings

I love depicting stylized elephants using elements from Indian and African culture. The combination of rich colours and delicate prints embellished with encrusted jewels makes each piece a joyous journey in expressionism.

 Love of Elephants
Since visiting an Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka in 2001, I have fallen in love with the grace and majesty of these beautiful animals. Their calm, sweet natured temperaments and intelligent traits make for a fascinating subject to paint. Please consider sponsoring one of the many fantastic charities like The Elephant Freedom Project, Elephant Family  or Elephants For Africa who work tirelessly to help orphaned and endangered Elephants day after day in environments of conflict.

Elephant paintings in different styles
From graphic, flat, stylised forms to heavily textural Indian inspired bespoke pieces, I have a painting to suit every Elephant lover.

Commission me
Below is a selection of my elephant paintings. If you are interested in my elephant art, please contact me at my London studio. I am happy to work in a bold graphic style or a much more natural painterly style, the choice is yours.

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