Goat Paintings

About my goat paintings...

At home painting goats
I love painting goats in my London studio. I enjoy trying to capture their personalities, exploring the essence of the animal with paint and mixed media.

Why paint goats?
My love of Goats originated from a visit to my local farm with my three young children. Goats have the ability to hold ones attention from the very first gaze. I find goats beguiling and entrancing. With such expressive faces, and intelligent traits, they make for a fascinating subject to paint.

Goat paintings in different styles
There are so many different and unique species of goats to paint, from the long haired Anglo-Nubian goat, to the curly wire haired Angora goat, each with an animated character and oodles of personality, its such fun capturing their distinctiveness in a painting.

Commission me
Below is a selection of my latest goat paintings. If you are interested in commissioning me to paint your furry friend, please contact me at my London studio.

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