Dog Portraits

Dog portraits at home
I love painting animals in my London studio. Capturing the personality and beauty of a much loved dog gives me a huge amount of pleasure. Dogs are the quintessence of happiness, always pleased to see you, and excited to work and play. It’s their wonderful dynamism, vigour and love of life that makes dog portraits such fun.

I am accompanied in my London studio by Reggie our British Bulldog and my latest muse. He claims to be my guardian, but really he is only part dog and part teddy bear in disguise. Although originally a feline fanatic, I have succumbed to the joys of dog ownership and with it, the motivation to explore painting dogs. I am in awe of the work charities such as The Dogs Trust and Battersea Dogs Home do to help care for and re home dogs in need, please visit their sites and donate if you can.

Dog portraits in different styles
The complexities and intricacies of each dog makes for very interesting subject matter in a painting. Not only is every breed of dog different in their physical working characteristics, but even within a family of dogs, each individual dog may have a very different personality.

Likewise each dog portrait is completely unique and can be designed in your chosen style, colour palette and size. Before starting any painting, I need clear detailed photographs that display your dogs characteristics and in what position you want them painted. If you live near to London, a visit can be arranged, so that I can gain greater insight into the appearance and personality of your canine companion.

Staging your dog portrait
There are so many ways to paint a dog. A close up of the face or a full body portrait. Perhaps you want a quirky piece where the dog lies at the bottom. The choice is yours. I can paint on any coloured ground so if your favourite is bright red, then that’s what I will do.

Commission me for a dog portrait
Below is a selection of my latest dog portraits. If you are interested in commissioning me to paint a portrait of your canine companion, please contact me at my London studio.

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