Pet portraits

Capturing the beauty and character of a much loved furry friend in a pet portrait gives me a huge amount of pleasure. As an animal lover, pets, especially cats and dogs play a very large part of my family life at home in London. You can often find them curled up next to me in my studio while I work or actually sleeping on my paints!

Over the last twenty years I have specialized in painting and illustrating animals in a number of different styles and forms. My most recent work includes highly textured paintings of cats, dogs, horses and goats I aim to capture each animals sole and personality, emphasizing depth and character within their fur.

A pet portrait is designed just for you…
Each pet portrait is completely unique and can be designed in your chosen style, colour palette and size.  Before starting a painting, I will need clear detailed photographs that display your pet’s characteristics and in what position you want them painted. If you live near to London, a home visit can be arranged, so that I can gain greater insight into the appearance and personality of your much-loved pet.

Staging your Pet Portrait
There are so many ways to paint a pet. A close up of the face or a full size portrait. Perhaps you want a quirky piece where the animal hides at the bottom. The choice is yours. I can paint on any coloured ground so if your favourite is hot pink, then that’s what I will do.

Pet portraits and commissions, find out more…
If you would like to have a portrait of your pet painted in my unique contemporary style, then please contact me at my London studio.

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